Refining Kiip Integration for Developers

We addressed feedback to improve Kiip's developer dashboard onboarding flow

Initial developer sign up page


For this project, the business development team wanted to address feedback from their clients identifying pain points in the developer onboarding flow.

It turned out Kiip’s developer onboarding flow confused users because some of the information was incomplete. Kiip originally partnered with developers using an SDK integration, which was the method explained in the onboarding process. However, Kiip also supports server-to-server and web integrations, so developers looking for those methods didn’t get the information they needed.

Additionally, some of the feedback described the onboarding flow as clunky and needing to be simplified, so we decided to take another look at the overall process of adding an app to the dashboard. I also reworked some of the UI to feel cleaner, so that the interface would feel simpler to the user.

My role in this project was to make user flow revisions and to create user interface designs.


Since we were iterating on an live product, we needed to maintain continuity with the current dashboard. What this meant on the technical side was that we needed to make sure we communicated with backend engineers about data structure, and regarding design, I continued to use existing components and styles.

Some Solutions

Developer onboarding integration page showing all the options

Before the developer reaches the integration page, they specify which integration method they intend to use, so that method is selected and displayed on this screen. However, the other two possible methods are also available here in case the user made a mistake or wants to see the options.

Review screen for developer confirmation before submitting their app

The review page was one of the screens where I changed the visual design to make it feel cleaner.

Other Considerations

To stay within scope, there were areas of the existing dashboard that we didn’t change, but there are definitely areas for improvement. Ideally we would test some of the changes to check that the improvements are working.